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April 29 - May 2, 2019

First Brush of Spring - 4 day workshop

New Harmony, IN

Garden Of Life - 24x36.JPG

"Garden of Life" - 24x36

Jed Dorsey, 2018 First Brush of Spring Plein Air Competetion piece

I am so exited about the opportunity to teach at the First Brush of Spring event this coming spring. I have attended workshops myself here and dreamed about being able to teach, and now it is happening. Truly, it is a wonderful experience. New Harmony, IN is a small town in the southwest corner of Indiana with only about 800 residents where people drive golf carts around town instead of cars. But wow, do they have a lot going on for such a small community. And the First Brush of Spring workshop week is absolutely amazing. They bring incredible artists from all over the country together to teach workshops at the same time in the same location. But while you can only attend one workshop, there is still great opportunity to soak up knowledge from the other artists. One of my favorite nights is when they hold a panel discussion with all the instructing artists. Audience members can ask questions that get answered by the panel. Talk about a wealth of information - it is worth the investment by itself! This year, Tina Garret, Daniel Gerhartz, Qiang Huang, Kathleen Newman, Dennis Perrin, Patrick and myself will be there. So, if you are looking for an amazing opportunity to grow as an artist, this is it!

All the demonstrations from my workshop will be in acrylics. I will be sharing the years of experience I have from working in this versatile medium with so that others can gain a greater understanding of how to make it work in any setting inside or out, as well as specific tools for their own creative process. Because there will be so many things we do that will benefit any artist, other mediums are welcome as well. The basics of a great painting are all the same, and we will take a practical, fun look at the whole painting process, so don't miss out on this one! Space is limited.

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