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Have you ever experienced a place and felt like you never wanted to leave? And then later found that while perhaps you did leave that place, that place never left you? Such it is with the island life. There is something about rocks and trees and mountains and sunshine and saltwater and running through the sand that will always be inside of me. So when I paint, often those memories and experiences overflow into something that feels like a song I'm able to sing without ever looking at the words.


Did I paint this for you?


CALM FOR MY SOUL, Acrylic on Panel, 12" x 12", Deep Cradled Panel

©2021 Jed Dorsey


*** With purchase of this painting, you will also gain access to my Miniature Painting Challenge - a 52 week painting adventure in which you (or someone you choose) will receive access to one short, doable painting lesson each week for one full year. ($249 Value) ***


Free shipping to continental U.S. & Canada. (Buyer is responsible for any duty or customs fees once painting arrives in Canada.)

Calm For My Soul - 12x12

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